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[MINI] Hi, I'm Valentine! | LIMITED QUANTITY | Bundle Set

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Product Type: BUNDLE

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Welcome to the Purple Light Special, an experience curated by Ritzy Trinkets for the ladies to get in touch with themselves and gives exclusive access to our FB group to discuss, if comfortable. It's a new year and there's no reason we should continue with the same tired sex life we've previously had. This bundle was created to have women step outside of their minds and just focus on their bodies, desires and fantasies without judgement. Documenting it so they know and can explain to any current or future partners that they encounter with ease and help themselves in a time of need, too. This box is intended to be enjoyed in a safe space for our ladies, but you all are welcome to share these goodies with a partner as you open and complete. Let the ride begin!

Box includes:

1 4oz 'Lazy Love' massage candle [Lavender, Sandalwood, Black Currant + Vanilla]
1 .5oz pussy oil [brought to us by @TheYoniDaySpa]
1 "Purple Light Special: Sex Journal" [get to know yourself sexually, an RT original]


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