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Charming Bundle | Beaded Bracelet Set

$ 88.50


Product Type: rt

Vendor: Ritzy Trinkets


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Love charms? Grab this bundle deal to save 25% off! Don't forget we also have Afterpay! Don't have to wait to get your items but luckily can wait to fully pay! 

Mookaite jasper is here to evoke happiness with its color + bring peace + good decision making 

Rutilated quartz is here to bring versatility + promotes spiritual growth

Ocean Jasper is perfect for jeans + aids in communicating more effectively/positively 

Charms- Arrow[luck/protection], Eye of Horus[power/royalty], Globe[encouragement of wanderlust]

Sizes- 7"

*please note, no two bracelets are exactly the same*

Shipping- 5 business days, gift-able packaging









please be advised items may or may not have traces of lead & cadmium. for more info go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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