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Our Story

My name is Jaz Buford, owner + creative of Ritzy Trinkets. 

Ritzy Trinkets is an accessories boetiek that keeps the #urbanboho in mind every time. We cater to bohemian minimalist + maximalist by way of handmade + ready-made jewelry and home accessories + travel necessities.

Ritzy Trinkets was born from an identity crisis that I, Jaz, was suffering through during the summer after graduating high school. There I was, a freshman in college, wanting to be anything but a Black girl from Inglewood with a family who was dysfunctional in every way!

After some soul searching, many tearful days + nights, and multiple therapy sessions, I discovered an escape from my reality through my creativity. It became my coping mechanism and not only was I reborn but my first baby, my business, and bread + butter- Ritzy Trinkets- was born, too!

Today, I love nothing more than being this eccentric black girl who is just as ghetto as she is intellectual, just as colorful as she is black power, just as bougie as she is sassy + being just as much of a gypsy as I love organization + stability! Sounds chaotic but it is beautiful. If I have learned nothing else, I learned that God makes no mistakes. He puts his best soldiers on the frontline knowing they will make art with blood, sweat + tears. I am a statistic- partly- but it is not my full story + I am no longer embarrassed by it. I embrace all parts of my journey + myself!

I KNOW I am not alone, so come along on this flight through life + creativity with me! See yourself in me + let's showcase our magic to the world. Pack your bamboos + crystals, chucks + chanclas because you never know where we'll end up!  

We ARE multifaceted womxn!

Our Mission

We strive to lead by example + strive to inspire women to live a vibrant, authentic + adventurous life through encouragement, healing, carefully selected color palettes + pieces that speak to the soul of the urban boho.

Our Promise Always
  • Provide authenticity
  • Provide pieces w. quality + durability
  • Provide gift-ready packaging
  • Provide easygoing + fun-filled interactions


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